Never forget a debt again

Recipro helps you manage what you owe or expect from somebody
  • In a bar with a friend and no cash?
    Click and see what to do!
    While your friend pays for coffee, login in and send him a promise for the next coffee!How to pay for coffee on Recipro
  • Sharing the costs of a flat with a roommate on a notepad?
    How can you do better?
    Set up a private user called 'flat', invite your roommates and register all the costs. Split the costs at the end of the month.How to share the costs of a flat on Recipro
  • Organizing an event and need to split the fees for it?
    Use Recipro this way!
    Send an email to your friends with a copy in Recipro and the amount in the subject. We will keep track of who owes you what.How to share the costs of an event on Recipro
  • Have a small company and want an easy way to track business expenses?
    See how we can help
    It takes just an email to send a reimbursement request (see example). Note the email address. The subject contains the amount (in USD, CHF, km, ...) and the reason. Attach the vouchers to the email. The expense manager will be notified of any new request. By logging into Recipro, she/he will have the overview over all employees and any open reimbursement. Of course we do all the math for you.ExampleHow to track business expenses on Recipro
“I bought a concert ticket for you today. When you buy me a theatre ticket tomorrow, we'll be even. ”

Your money will be back. Recipro is like a big handshake

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The power of Recipro: people connected in a network.
About us and about Recipro
Recipro is a project developed by a small group of enthusiasts from Switzerland and Italy supported by the company they work for. The purpose of the project is to prove that when it comes to small amounts of money owed between friends and acquaintances, trust and Recipro(city) can alleviate the need for banking.

The concept is simple: 'I bought a concert ticket for you today. When you buy me a theatre ticket tomorrow, we'll be even'.

The power of Recipro is its network: This simple concept of reciprocity between friends scales to many parties, all of whom owe one other debts, which eventually cancel out! It is difficult to keep track of such a thing by word of mouth or notes on paper, however the founders of Recipro firmly believe that the platform can give rise to small, simple, trust-based economies.
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